What we do



DCUfm is DCU’s student run radio station which is part of The Media Production Society. We provide industry standard radio equipment to facilitate the creation of award winning content each year.

DCUfm runs live student content Monday to Friday 9am -10pm and while also providing some amazing music to bless your eardrums 24/7. So whether you’re interested in being in behind the mic or just want something fun to entertain you throughout your day, make sure you give DCUfm a go!

Our aim is to give students a voice and a creative outlet through the medium of radio, providing radio experience through a fun and lighthearted platform. 



DCUtv has been up and running for many years, heralded as one of the best student stations in the country. And that’s true, but DCUtv is so much more than the skits it become known for.

Catering for every video related interest you could possibly have, we foster writers, directors, editors, producers, actors and so much more.

With multiple streams of content, like Newswire and Limelight, events like the 24 Hour Broadcast and passionate people at the helm to help, there is nothing stopping you from jumping right in, and becoming the visual master you always wanted to be.

No matter what skill level you are, we want to make sure you get the most out of TV and MPS, and succeed in bringing your visions to life.


MPS Blog

DCU mps blog is a platform for students interested in writing to share their content to a wider audience.

The blog focuses on anything media related. The topics can be anything from writing about the latest gig you attended to discussing what you love about the media - Anything goes The blog posts get shared on all of MPS’s social media’s so it is an amazing opportunity for students to get exposure for their writing.