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Newswire Fm

Newswire is DCUfm's flagship News and Current affairs show.

It was the recipient of the DCU MPS Hybrid award in the News and Current affairs category in 2019 and was nominated for a National Student Media Award.

It deals with all of the news and issues that are affecting students, both here on campus and beyond.

We talk to the experts to find the answers to your pressing issues, questions and concerns. So if you have a nose for news or simply enjoy asking those in power the tough questions then join us and be a part of DCUfm's Newswire.

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Newswire TV

Newswire TV is the part of MPS that covers all things news, including news stories, interviews, reviews etc!

News packages are made every 2 weeks and posted to the MPS YouTube and website.

Whether you’re interested in camerawork, reporting, presenting, anything at all we’d love for you to join!




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