‘Let’s Talk Game of Thrones’

The time has come, my fellow Westerosi, with a mere 2 weeks to go until the premiere of the final Season 8, we’re on the homestretch to finally tie up every loose end Game of Thrones has left us with.



I am but a newbie to the world of the 7 Kingdoms and having only finished the series (literally this evening), I’m feeling a tad empty inside and need to fill the void until the 14th of April by talking about it. I was 110% against the idea of ever watching this show - the gore, the incest (yup, very weird dynamics- I’m looking at you Cersei), the dragons. A world so different from my own, I found the idea of being able to immerse myself in this world, almost impossible. But this show, this story- George R.R. Martin you outdid yourself.

Set in a medieval period of battles, brothels and arranged marriages, the entire plot is based on a number of Noble houses fighting over who has the actual birthright to the ‘Iron Throne’, blah, blah, blah… Then ‘fit hits the shan’ to keep it PG 13. While the noble houses of Westeros are clambering over a rather cold looking throne, an entire army of the dead are heading their way (heart-warming- I know right!). Season 7 concludes with each of the houses, or at least what is left of them, banding together to try and face The Night King and his army.

In amongst this testosterone, sword-wielding extravaganza, we actually get to see the emergence of some pretty badass female leads. The show is renowned for its derogatory treatment of just about all its characters, but particularly the women. They’ve been beaten, raped, shamed and killed- they’ve been through it all. But the women of Westeros are finally rising from the ashes and honestly, I’m all for it! The last two seasons of the show has seen each woman avenge the wrongdoing done upon them, from Cersei destroying the Church which shamed her, to Arya Stark avenging her mother’s death, and let us not forget the 11-year-old badass that is Lyanna Mormont who suffers no fools amongst the older Lords and finally, we have Daenerys Stormborn- The Mother of Dragons, need I say more?

These women refuse to follow the paths chosen for women at this time; they want to follow lives of honour, strength and adventure, not constrained to birthing the next heir to the throne. Also, they can kill. They have the power and intelligence to outwit their enemies. Now I don’t intend on forging my own sword and swinging at anyone who disagrees with me, but it’s really refreshing to see these women focus on the quality of their character rather than their appearance- considering we live in the century of lip fillers and MUA’s (no shade!).

Season 8 certainly has a lot to live up to. While appearing on The Late Late Show a few months back, Liam Cunningham a.k.a Ser Davos Seaworth, may have mentioned that the finale of this rollercoaster ride of a series will make 'epic look small’. Until April, I suppose we are all just sitting ducks to the inevitable end of an extraordinary story. Who will be killed off next? Who will rule the 7 Kingdoms of Westeros? Will there even be a Westeros? Who will GoT favour- the dead or the living?  

Amy Fitzsimons