A Trip to Berlin with MPS

On the cold morning of January 21st 2019, MPS members from across the country made their way to Dublin airport. Excitement grew as the plane began to land but was temporarily interrupted when the fresh -6 degree air hit us.



The first night, the group had some time to explore and eat. We stumbled across a beautiful Italian called Amici Amici in Mehringdamm and collectively filled up on pizza, pasta and wine.

Our next stop was a chemistry themes bar which served drinks from conical flasks. Nothing says Berlin like cocktails from scientific apparatus, right?


The first bright and beautiful morning in Berlin was spent in the television tower, which takes its guest up 302 meters in the air and boasts a 360-degree view of the city of Berlin.e then made a visit to Deutschland Radio and we were kindly given a guided tour of the impressive station.


After a jam-packed afternoon, a karaoke club was the perfect way to end the day. We made our way to the Green Mango karaoke club and sang the night away. There were some very interesting performances, to say the least!

 Day three began with a walk around the city before a visit to the film museum in the Sony Centre. The museum was host to information and props regarding early German cinema and Nazi propaganda. There were screens which showed examples of early German expressionist film and the impact of Nazi propaganda. The museum is a must see as it is incredibly interesting as well as educational.

Poster from Fritz Lang’s 1927 film “Metropolis”.

his was followed by a cold walk to see the Holocaust memorial and the Brandenburg Gate. The historic city boasts many attractions that bring life and culture to Berlin.

The day was concluded with a quick trip to the East Side Gallery as the sun was beginning to set and fingers beginning to lose feeling. The night was continued in Berlin’s Matrix nightclub which has two levels of different music and great entertainment.

We concluded the cold but wonderful trip by visiting Checkpoint Charlie.

Thanks to MPS for making the Berlin trip so memorable. Below are a few Berlin travel vlogs made by some lovely MPS members!


Neil Reilly:



Sarah O’Dwyer