MPStimonials- Webmaster

As my title may suggest, I have not mastered the web! When I looked up webmaster on Urban Dictionary, the definition was ‘an outdated occupation’. However, I can tell you that definition is VERY wrong because the webmaster is the latest (coolest) position on the MPS committee.  The main job of the webmaster is to look after the website and take charge of the blog. I have never been on a society committee before so I didn’t know what to expect, but it’s safe to say I'm so glad I went for this role.

Joining societies was the best decision I made in my first year of college. Getting involved made my first year so enjoyable and have met so many new people that I would never have come across if it wasn’t for society life. As I study multimedia, my course hours were not intense so I had the free time to give to societies. In a matter of weeks, I was busy every evening doing something new. I felt like joining MPS was the perfect society related to my course.

I became much more involved in MPS in my second year. Becoming a member of the MPS committee gave me the chance to use the skills I had learned in my course. I challenged myself by becoming Webmaster and taking over the MPS website. I have really enjoyed this role as the workload is not massive and you are given the power to improve the website how you want.  The role of webmaster is more about designing the website and using templates rather than using coding such as HTML and CSS. I feel coding may put people off this role but if you have a good eye for design and an interest in websites then this role could be perfect for you.

It is great being involved in the blog and is such a great platform for people to write about all things media related! I’ve always thought having a blog would be good fun , so over-seeing the MPS blog has been a great experience.

This has been my MPStimonial, hope you all enjoyed this little read and I hope I’ve convinced you all that the Webmaster is a pretty amazing role

Lots of Love,

Sarah xx