Concert Review- MAGGIE RODGERS

I was introduced to Maggie Rogers by a friend about one year ago. He showed me a song of hers called ‘Alaska’, suggested I should listen to more of her stuff since I’m a fan of the old folk pop genre and ever since my love for her has grown.

I saw her live for the first time when she supported HAIM on their tour here in May 2018 and again at Electric Picnic last September. It was the first time I saw her perform as a headline act on a stage, surrounded by people who were there for her, and only her. To say it was magical would be an understatement.

Photo Credits: Sarah Brady

Photo Credits: Sarah Brady

On Friday 15th February, Maggie performed her second sold out show in the Academy in Dublin. This was just the second night of her tour and we were in for a treat. She opened up with ‘Give A Little’, an upbeat song that set the precedent for the rest of her set. Maggie truly has an energy on stage that I really have not seen in such a long time, if ever. Her energy shows as she bounces around on stage to every song, showing true emotion as she sings. She spoke throughout her set, of how much she loved Ireland, and how happy she was to be there at that very moment. Furthermore, you could feel the crowds happiness that she was there too.

Half way through the set, my friend and I moved from being in the area in front of the stage to a space we found upstairs with lots of room to move. We’re dancers when we are at a gig, and cannot stand not having any room to move. Give us some space and we’re ready for a boogie. Mix this with the fact that Maggie’s music just makes you want to dance literally like nobody's watching. For us, being able to see Maggie wasn’t the main priority, but being able to dance and express ourselves was. To be honest, I’m almost certain Maggie would have approved.

Her debut album ‘Heard it in a Past Life’, was released last month. Yet, everyone in the crowd seemed to know every word from some of her more popular songs like Alaska, to her newer ones such as Retrograde. There was no difference. Try and tell me you don’t want to dance to every single song on the album!

I saw someone on Twitter describe that Maggie’s concert was an unforgettable experience. Everyone there was for one reason only - to celebrate the talent that is Maggie Rogers. Her music moved her audience in a way that is so rare to see these days. If you get the opportunity to see her live in the future, I’d definitely recommend you do. But, make sure to bring your dancing shoes, and your fearless, feminist attitude.

By: Nicole Curran