Changing of the Old Guard in ‘I’m A Celeb’

Fish and chips. Bread and butter. Ant and Dec. They all have one thing in common – they are iconic. They go well together. They are all considered an inseparable pair. So what will the fate of I’m a Celeb 2018 be, without the beloved Ant McPartlin?




McPartlin has decided to suspend all duties relating to presenting following his alcohol and drug addictions. This dependency on substances resulted in the presenter being involved in a car crash in March of this year, and in August he announced his intention to take a break from the show to focus on completing his treatment. Last night he tweeted a message that was bound to make many loyal fans sob, saying: "All the very best of luck to the little fella and @hollywills for the show tonight. Lots of love from the big fella!! A #ImACeleb Xxxxxx." *Cries while writing this*


However, despite the temporary disbanding of TV’s most comedic duo (yes, I’m biased), I must admit that I’m curious to discover if Holly Willoughby can bring her charisma and charm to the jungle. Following Ant’s announcement in August, it was revealed that Willoughby would take his place for this year’s series. Many would perhaps recognise her from another of TV’s famously hilarious duos, her partner in crime being Philip Schofield on This Morning and have bestowed us with some truly amazing moments (the clip of her laugh is TV GOLD).

But can worlds collide? Can one-half of two separate duos live up to the standards that we already know and love? Personally, I don’t think anything can compete with the chemistry that Ant and Dec share with one another. Before you judge my negativity, look at the facts; the pair who share Newcastle origins have known each other since they were children, at the beginning of their respective careers. They gradually formed one shared career, in which one could arguably not survive without the other.




However, I cannot deny that Dec has certainly stepped up to the plate, accomplishing the age-old adage: “The show must go on”. He completed the final few episodes of their other series, Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway. Although noticeably difficult for him, he powered through and still succeeded in providing us with a night’s entertainment (everyone who watched was undoubtedly proud of the “little fella”).


I also have complete faith in Willoughby to deliver her undeniably impressive presenting skills to our screens, and that she and Donnelly will succeed in bouncing off one another. As I said before, I do not believe that this will be topped by McPartlin and Donnelly’s chemistry, but it would be near impossible to beat and perhaps unfair to ask of her. Judging by the first episode, which was aired on Sunday night, this is still primed to be another fantastic series, full of screams, tantrums and crocodile testicles

(I promise it is actually more entertaining than disgusting).

Sinéad McMullen