Irish television yay or nay?

“That’s a good question”, I say, my voice cracking as I clutch my pathetic CV in my sweaty hands. I can't tell you how many times I’ve sat down with a cup of tea to watch the Late Late show - I CAN’T DO IT! I CAN’T LIE LIKE THIS!



Ok people lets be frank, Irish TV isn’t amazing…. Can somebody tell me why like every show on RTE is aimed towards people over the age of 135, and yet people are still shocked that television is dying?

News Flash people: Maybe TV would stand a chance… if you actually made it good? Am I crazy here?

Here’s a fact for ya, The Late Late show is the second longest running talk show EVER after The Tonight Show on NBC. Listen, I know what you’re thinking; “But Ross, The Tonight Show is on a huge American Network, no wonder its more popular!”

Ok then well tell me this… Is Irish Television bad… just because its Irish? I would say no! I know Father Ted and Love/Hate would say no too.

I know the Late Late show has experienced issues in the sense that they’ve pretty much interviewed everybody. Name an Irish celebrity who hasn’t been on the Late Late show… I know its difficult right? I think we all know there’s only so many times you can interview Marty Morrissey before it starts to get stale.

So how do we get bigger international names you ask? The answer is simple.. Have a quality show that’s worth coming on. As it stands, The Late Late show isn’t comical, it isn’t exciting and it isn’t fun. Ryan Tubridy is great and all but he’s no comedian and People. Like. To. Laugh.

If there was something unique about the Late Late that drew viewers in, then maybe it would have a chance but right now, it just ‘a show’… It’s doing the minimum it can to still be considered ‘a show’. Also, it's at half 9… How is that Late Late??



Maybe in the last century, this safe, inoffensive, in bed before 12 attitude towards content production might have been accepted, but why should we still let it dominate us?  With the arrival of the internet, websites like Youtube, Twitter and Netflix, we shouldn’t have to play things safe anymore!

It’s the 21st century! You can reach a thousand people in 5 seconds! RTE, get on board! Lets make some fun stuff! Also, give me a job! Please! Hire me. Please hire me. I'm sorry. Please. I take it all back! Just please! Give me a job!

 Ross McCarney.