Welcome To The Media Production Society

The Media Production Society?

What do these things mean when you string them together in a sentence? 

Well, if your reading this I think it’s safe to assume that you’ve tackled the media element.  It’s a lot of different things to with a lot of different people but there really only is one way to find out. And of course, that way is by joining this creative media outlet.


The media production society is one of DCU’s largest societies. Not to mention that it’s DCU’s largest society that produces content. It’s also worth noting that you don’t have to even study media to become a member, just a DCU student. This also includes students who study on St.Pats and All Hallows.

MPS, is a society that allows for students to be creative. The society provides a range of different types of media, there is definitely something for everyone.


There are three main aspects to the society; the blog, DCUTV and DCUFM. 

DCUfm, based in the student centre upstairs, offers members a chance to have their very own radio studio. This provides a chance to drive the desk, present their own shows and even create their own show reel for themselves and future employers. Being a fresher is daunting enough so don’t worry, there’ll be plenty of opportunities to learn how to do all the above roles with workshops throughout the year and of course committee and older members will help you out! Of course, there’ll be many FM events throughout the year where you can dazzle your listeners with your amazing presenting skills such as the Battle of the Mics and the inter-varsity Broadcast! 

TV is the second part of the society and one of our main events of the year is the 24-Hour Broadcast. Yes, it does exactly what it says on the tin. The society members stream from the Henry Gratton TV studio for 24 Hours straight. Yes, this does seem tiring and yes, we probably won’t let you sleep, but without a doubt it is one of the most enjoyable 24 hours of your life and you will sure to be involved, whether it’s by creating your own show, being a member of the cast or being on camera, capturing that footage. DCUTV also has a news channel which uploads news packages to our own YouTube channel. Again, DCUTV offers members the chance to create their own portfolio and show reels for those potential employers. 

The final element to MPS is the blog. Were really not hiding anything, the blog offers our members a chance to write their own pieces and have their stories published on the MPS website. We put the ball in your court and let you write and create your own pieces. We also offer workshops on setting up your own blog or just contributing to ours. Similar to its siblings, the blog offers students a chance to build up their own portfolio and experiment with their writing. 

So now if I asked you what MPS is what would you say? Would you think it’s probably the most amazing society ever? Or would you say it definitely is the most amazing society ever? Make sure to swing by our stall at the clubs and socs fair in week 2 and say hello to our committee! 

We can promise you an exciting year!

Killian Whelan Mullally