Love Me I'm Irish

There’s no denying, there’s just some things us Irish do better. Better than England specifically. Pubs, seshing, politics, banter and more pubs. There’s beef there, there’s rivalry. But there is one thing that England has that Ireland desperately wants, desperately needs to get their hands one. You’re thinking about it as I type it aren’t you? Ireland needs its own version of Love Island.

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If you’re one of those folks who don’t have a TV (fair, but you can also stream it on your laptops babes x) or you’re one of those edgy people who tweet “I must be the only person who isn’t watching love island *insert laughing emoji* here, maybe this blog post isn’t for you. But hey, that’s okay, if you promise you’ll recouple with a hotter, better for you blog, I’ll forgive you for mugging me off!

The possibility of an Irish Love Island has not been discussed properly and honestly? Disgraceful. Does no one else think the idea of some Dublin 14 lad craicing on with some young doll from Donegal while some other chav who’s from Leitrim and is sunburned within an inch of his life is fuming (literally) because he wanted to give her the shift is hilarious? It’s quality telly if you ask me.

Other than the sheer hilarity of it all, there are genuine reasons to fight for a Love Island Ireland.

Number 1: The popularity of Love Island Australia showed there is a demographic outside of the UK version. Viewers want to see young, attractive people doing what they do best; looking for love, bitching and having sex, no matter where they’re from!

Number 2: Penneys already has a field day sticking the iconic quotes from the UK Love Island all over pyjamas and stuff you’d give your mam for her birthday if you’re really skint. Nothing says, “love you mam!” like a mug that says “do bits society”.  I can already imagine 20 various catchphrases from an Irish Love Island printed on a green shirt and sold in Penneys for a fiver and it’s a glorious idea.

Number 3: I purely want to be on Love Island but not the UK version because I want a hot Irish man, not Tom from South London-Hampton-Newcastle-ville.

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Number 4: Reality TV is a distraction that every day people need. It brings people together and having people from down the road there or up the road there on the TV would be exciting. I know plenty of guys and gals who all have such class personalities and banging bods, they’d be great on there.

All I know for sure is, they’ll without a doubt be a Love Island skit on the 24-hour broadcast this year. That skit alone will probably have more diversity then this years show did (subtle burn). That will probably be the closest we come to an Irish Love Island, but I’ll defiantly take it.

Casey McHugh