A Trip to Berlin with MPS

On the cold morning of January 21st 2019, MPS members from across the country made their way to Dublin airport. Excitement grew as the plane began to land but was temporarily interrupted when the fresh -6 degree air hit us.



The first night, the group had some time to explore and eat. We stumbled across a beautiful Italian called Amici Amici in Mehringdamm and collectively filled up on pizza, pasta and wine.

Our next stop was a chemistry themes bar which served drinks from conical flasks. Nothing says Berlin like cocktails from scientific apparatus, right?


The first bright and beautiful morning in Berlin was spent in the television tower, which takes its guest up 302 meters in the air and boasts a 360-degree view of the city of Berlin.e then made a visit to Deutschland Radio and we were kindly given a guided tour of the impressive station.


After a jam-packed afternoon, a karaoke club was the perfect way to end the day. We made our way to the Green Mango karaoke club and sang the night away. There were some very interesting performances, to say the least!

 Day three began with a walk around the city before a visit to the film museum in the Sony Centre. The museum was host to information and props regarding early German cinema and Nazi propaganda. There were screens which showed examples of early German expressionist film and the impact of Nazi propaganda. The museum is a must see as it is incredibly interesting as well as educational.

Poster from Fritz Lang’s 1927 film “Metropolis”.

his was followed by a cold walk to see the Holocaust memorial and the Brandenburg Gate. The historic city boasts many attractions that bring life and culture to Berlin.

The day was concluded with a quick trip to the East Side Gallery as the sun was beginning to set and fingers beginning to lose feeling. The night was continued in Berlin’s Matrix nightclub which has two levels of different music and great entertainment.

We concluded the cold but wonderful trip by visiting Checkpoint Charlie.

Thanks to MPS for making the Berlin trip so memorable. Below are a few Berlin travel vlogs made by some lovely MPS members!


Neil Reilly:



Sarah O’Dwyer




MPStimonials - BDO

Conor Doyle

Conor Doyle

Hello there friends, I’m Conor and you may know me as that guy from MPS who you don’t really know what he does and that’s okay cause I’m here to tell you.

I’m the Brand & Design Officer (BDO) for MPS this year which means I have two main jobs. The first is maintaining, improving and ensuring that the MPS brand is held to the highest possible standard. This means working with the entire committee to make sure our brand is on everything from stings to vlogs to posters and this also means I spend a lot of time working with our lovely PRO Kate.

The second job is designing all the graphics, posters and creating logos for all of our events, social media, emails and shows such as Limelight. Designing graphics is the most intense but most rewarding part of the job, I have designed over 150 different graphics for MPS throughout the year which has given me a huge portfolio of work, taught me a lot about working with people when trying to design something for them and developing a design over both short and long periods of time.

I won’t claim BDO has been an easy job however I would argue that it may be the most productive and rewarding role on committee, graphic design is an incredibly good talent to have and a year as BDO will give you a chance to massively expand your skill-set and knowledge of software. Speaking of software, I have used Adobe Illustrator for nearly everything I have made as it a vector based graphics editing software meaning you can easily adapt your graphics, make changes and create graphics for screens, social media or print with relative ease. I would highly recommend you have experience with Illustrator as a starting point and Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects and InDesign are all really helpful to have as a BDO although not entirely necessary.

The other aspect of being a BDO is of course being a member of the committee. This requires commitment to events and meetings on a weekly basis and it gives you a taste of what you can expect going into the industry we’re all interested in but most importantly it gives you the chance to expand your skills while also passing them on to newer members which is an incredibly rewarding feeling. Even MORE important than that though is of course the friends you’ll make along the way, MPS committee is a bit of a dysfunctional family at times but it gave me some of the best friends I could’ve asked for and although it has been stressful and tough going at times I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.

My final comments on this role as my year of doing it begins to wind down would be this; BDO is a fantastic committee position that allows you to be creative and have fun with your work, it does require a lot of attention, work hours and good organisational skills but that is exactly what you can expect if you want to be a Graphic Designer at some point in time so it is absolutely some of the greatest experience I could have asked for. BDO can also be a bit of an overlooked role at times but this is also nice because you really have free reign over your job to be creative as you wish.

MPS has given me a lot since I started in DCU and I don’t feel like I’ll ever be able to repay that debt however I sure have tried to with my year on committee by giving it my 110% to the point that I literally fell asleep on the floor of the control room during the broadcast.

To finish this off I would encourage anyone who wants to be committee to talk to the person(s) in the role(s) they’re thinking of running for and then go for it, it really is a unique experience and I’d do this year all over again if I could.

If you’re thinking of running for BDO or want to know more just ask me, shoot me a text on facebook or find me hanging about the U literally any day during the week!

Yours sincerely,

Conor Doyle

(I hope you know why I was on committee now)

‘Let’s Talk Game of Thrones’

The time has come, my fellow Westerosi, with a mere 2 weeks to go until the premiere of the final Season 8, we’re on the homestretch to finally tie up every loose end Game of Thrones has left us with.



I am but a newbie to the world of the 7 Kingdoms and having only finished the series (literally this evening), I’m feeling a tad empty inside and need to fill the void until the 14th of April by talking about it. I was 110% against the idea of ever watching this show - the gore, the incest (yup, very weird dynamics- I’m looking at you Cersei), the dragons. A world so different from my own, I found the idea of being able to immerse myself in this world, almost impossible. But this show, this story- George R.R. Martin you outdid yourself.

Set in a medieval period of battles, brothels and arranged marriages, the entire plot is based on a number of Noble houses fighting over who has the actual birthright to the ‘Iron Throne’, blah, blah, blah… Then ‘fit hits the shan’ to keep it PG 13. While the noble houses of Westeros are clambering over a rather cold looking throne, an entire army of the dead are heading their way (heart-warming- I know right!). Season 7 concludes with each of the houses, or at least what is left of them, banding together to try and face The Night King and his army.

In amongst this testosterone, sword-wielding extravaganza, we actually get to see the emergence of some pretty badass female leads. The show is renowned for its derogatory treatment of just about all its characters, but particularly the women. They’ve been beaten, raped, shamed and killed- they’ve been through it all. But the women of Westeros are finally rising from the ashes and honestly, I’m all for it! The last two seasons of the show has seen each woman avenge the wrongdoing done upon them, from Cersei destroying the Church which shamed her, to Arya Stark avenging her mother’s death, and let us not forget the 11-year-old badass that is Lyanna Mormont who suffers no fools amongst the older Lords and finally, we have Daenerys Stormborn- The Mother of Dragons, need I say more?

These women refuse to follow the paths chosen for women at this time; they want to follow lives of honour, strength and adventure, not constrained to birthing the next heir to the throne. Also, they can kill. They have the power and intelligence to outwit their enemies. Now I don’t intend on forging my own sword and swinging at anyone who disagrees with me, but it’s really refreshing to see these women focus on the quality of their character rather than their appearance- considering we live in the century of lip fillers and MUA’s (no shade!).

Season 8 certainly has a lot to live up to. While appearing on The Late Late Show a few months back, Liam Cunningham a.k.a Ser Davos Seaworth, may have mentioned that the finale of this rollercoaster ride of a series will make 'epic look small’. Until April, I suppose we are all just sitting ducks to the inevitable end of an extraordinary story. Who will be killed off next? Who will rule the 7 Kingdoms of Westeros? Will there even be a Westeros? Who will GoT favour- the dead or the living?  

Amy Fitzsimons

MPStimonials- Deputy DCUfm Station Manager

YO who’s ready for another sick ass testimonial, courtesy of the MPS blog. My name is Dylan Mangan and I’ve been blessed with the privilege of being the Deputy Station Manager this year, read the following glorified rant about my experience and love of all things radio below.

Dylan Mangan

Dylan Mangan

As your Deputy Station Manager, I have ensured the day to day maintenance of DCUfm this year, as well as being a vital team player for MPS in all its forms. I’ve also worked closely with Cathal O’Dork on making sure that the content we produce is of the highest possible standard we could make it, and we have been immensely proud of the results we’ve seen this year.

My time on the MPS Committee this year has been full of ups and downs, but ultimately, I am immensely proud of what myself and Cathal have managed to bring to FM this year and look forward to seeing what our successors will add to what we’ve done.

I remember way back at the end of first year, standing up and running for FM and telling everyone in that room that I was “fully aware that being an FM Manager means having your every waking moment taken up by radio, but that’s exactly what I want.” If I knew that then, then I know it more than ever right now. I can’t even begin to guess how many hours I’ve put into the running of the station this year.

Building it and putting it together in September, the endless timetabling that goes into it, the workshops I’ve given, the time spent listening to the content our fantastic members put out, meeting with our sub-committee, running events, spending hours on the phone to tech support trying to figure out why our lovely little station just didn’t want to work, and still somehow finding time to maintain a social life, work three jobs, be a contributing committee member to two societies, and get a degree really did mean I had to forget about the very notion of “free time”. However, I can soundly say I would not have had it any other way.

This obsession of mine with radio is a new one for me. I came to college in first year thinking I was going to go on from this degree and pursue a career in film or television (I promise you I’m not joking - I made films for 4 years before coming to college [and no you can’t see them]). If you could’ve told me at the start of my first year that by the start of my second I’d be working in a radio station, never mind managing a second one, I just simply wouldn’t have believed you.

As my first year went on, however, that changed. I signed up for an Assigned Show in Semester One (yup Finglas FM), and absolutely adored it. I loved the freedom of it. It felt so pure and raw like I could play whatever I wanted, talk about whatever I wanted, be free to express myself creatively without limitations that may be brought on like a medium such as film. The buzz of being on air grabbed hold of me, and I looked for other ways to get myself back in that hot seat.

I jumped on the flagship sports show “Action Replay” and used it as an opportunity to get more comfortable talking on air (despite not actually knowing a whole lot about sport). I waited until I saw free slots appear in the Crew Page and dragged my friends up just to get into the studio and get that on-air buzz back. I became obsessed and it was that obsession that fuelled my drive, that drive that fuelled my confidence, that confidence that fuelled my ability, and that ability that got me into my committee role this year.

Seeing my obsession for being able to express yourself creatively through radio content trickle down into the incoming first years this year will always remain one of my proudest achievements. No matter what I go on to do, whether I’m successful or not, I’ll always hold on to that. Knowing that I made an impact on some people this year (hopefully a positive one) will stick with me forever.

If you’re reading this, and you’re interested in running for FM next year, but find yourself scared or intimidated for one reason or another, don’t be. I was scared too when I ran, but I did it anyway and it’s the best decision I ever made. A very drunk but very wise friend once told me “You’ll never look back at the end of your time in college and be ashamed because you tried too hard”, and I’ve taken it to heart ever since. If you’re still unsure, I’m only a Facebook message away, I’m sure I can convince you! MPS has given me some of my fondest memories, some of my best friends, and some of my proudest achievements, and I know I’ll be grateful for that for years to come.

Yours sincerely,
Dylan “Did you know I’m on RTE now?” Mangan


MPStimonials- Chairperson

Chairgal - Hanzgal

Hannah Gallagher

Hannah Gallagher

Well hello there, it looks like it's my turn to be next to dish the deets of what exactly my role is for the MPStimonials!

As Chairperson of MPS my job is to ensure things are running and as smoothly as possible. To say I oversee things would be a role of mine and I do by all means, but really the committee have the majority of it covered when it comes to running their own individual workshops and events which makes my job fairly easy most of times!

I've been a pair of ears, a listener on a daily basis, I've only ever been a text or a phone call away. I have encouraged mini-meetings from the word go to ensure everyone is on the right track and whether it be college work or MPS goals to help release stress when I can!

A main part of being chairperson, from my perspective is to find a balance between being a team leader while being a team member. Leadership skills is definitely something I learned as being chair this year. There are some situations when in the role you have to be a leader and provide answers and take responsibility when obstacles occur. It's a skill that is not easy to take on but is a skill that I have learned from a lot and will benefit from in the future.

My most important role is to be a friendly face - which I hope I have achieved! To be approachable and welcoming to both new and existing members. In my position I am lucky to be able to get the opportunity to make these connections and friendships with our members.

The role itself can be busy at times but that's mainly due to my lack of organised lists! The role is extremely rewarding and that can be seen on a daily basis, at our Monday meetings, a successful event or members showing interest by having fun and getting involved.

I ran for this position because I loved being involved in MPS from the very start of my time here in DCU. I loved what the society did as a whole and everyone who got involved. I think societies in general bring people of similar interests together and create friendships that makes your time in college some of your best memories.

I have loved every minute of my role as Chairperson and I will be sorry to see this year end, especially because I feel it's completely flew in! But, saying that, I am extremely excited to see a new committee come out of this year with some gorgeous new creative individuals!

Last but not least if you have any interest in running for any of the roles within the MPS committee or sub committees please do not hesitate to ask myself or any of the committee members themselves to give a face-face rundown!

I'm not sure exactly how to sign off on this, so I'll just be me,

Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee xo

MPStimonials- Secretary

Hello dear reader and welcome to another MPStimonials! This week you have the pleasure of reading all about the role of Secretary - written by yours truly (Sarah, for those who don’t know) x

Sarah O’Dwyer

Sarah O’Dwyer

My ‘journey’ to becoming secretary is a slightly unusual one. At the end of my first year, it was the position I originally wanted to run for, and I went as far as to meet up with the current secretary, Billy, to find out all I could about the job. However, when I thought about it more, I realised the job I really wanted was Public Relations Officer, so took a gamble, ran for that instead, and got it!

At the end of 2nd year, there was literally a million* people running for chair (*figures may be exaggerated slightly) and I threw my name in the bucket too. It wasn’t to be, and I ended up running for Secretary, got it, and now, I honestly wouldn't change a thing! I’m so glad I got Secretary, all the aspects of the job really suit my characteristics and skills, and it’s a really fun position to have on the committee!

The headline level jobs that most people know the Secretary to be responsible for are taking the minutes, doing the agenda and writing the society email. Writing the email is by far my favourite aspect of this job. I love compiling the email on a Sunday afternoon, although writing it from Donegal is no joke. Every Secretary puts their own stamp on the email, and I’d hope that, along with some funny gifs of our members, my emails have a friendly and funny tone to them! It’s also great that I now know how to work MailChimp, as it’s a really useful software to know how to use.

Aside from the headline level tasks, a little known job of the Secretary is to act as a mediator should disagreements arise within the committee. This doesn’t happen often (thank goodness!), but when it does, I have to sit down with the people in disagreement and we talk through the problem. This can be quite a difficult task, as I really have to separate my own views (which inevitably, I will have) from the situation, and take an impartial status. I think (hope!) that I’ve achieved this throughout the year, as it’s something that I’ve struggled with at times, but it happens so little that I don’t really mind.

A massive positive about being Secretary is that I have a lot more time to get involved with different aspects of MPS, and different societies in DCU! Last year, my position was quite heavy, but this year, while it’s by no means easy, there’s definitely less of a workload, meaning I have more time to try out different things!

That’s about all I can cram into one blog post about Secretary! It’s a position that I’ve loved having this year, and couldn’t recommend it enough. If you’re thinking of running for committee next year, and Secretary is on your radar, PLEASE don’t hesitate to send me a message and I’ll give you the rundown on the position and some tips!