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About us

The DCU Media Production Society has been providing opportunities for the students of DCU since 1985, growing every year since its inception.

Split into three strands, MPS ensures that its members have the opportunity to produce any kind of media they want, and gain experiences in their chosen field of expertise.

DCUtv offers our members to immerse and educate themselves in the realm of visual media. With events like the annual DCUtv 24 Hour Broadcast and Battle of the Cams, combined with plenty of workshops and group projects to further our members’ skills, DCUtv caters for all sorts of interests and experience levels with MPS.

DCUfm is Ireland’s Best Student Radio Station. Broadcasting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round, DCUfm is a constant presence on campus for DCU students. DCUfm alumni have gone on to work in FM104, Spin 1038, and many many more fantastic stations around the country!

The DCU MPS Blog ensures that MPS students can express themselves creatively, in whatever way they wish, through the medium of text! Our Blog teachers our members essential skills in writing and online content creation, and ensures MPS has a constant online presence!

With 400 volunteers, a renowned national reputation, and growing opportunities and experiences for our members, MPS will continue to service DCU for years to come.