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DCUfm is Dublin City University’s award-winning home-grown radio station, staffed by over 120 volunteers from across DCU’s faculties. Our philosophy is simple: we want to put out the best, fun-loving programmes possible, and give students a voice. DCUfm is a part of the DCU Media Production Society.




DCUtv boasts the best student video in the country and forever growing with over 100,000 video views in the last semester alone – which accounts for 28% of all channel views in over 6 years.



MPS Blog


The MPS Blog is written by the members of MPS and is entirely media based. It shows how media is a part of everything including sports, music and everyday politics. Past stories on the blog have included film music and documentary reviews, opinion pieces and top picks for all media elements.



“MPS in just a few words is too big. Basicallly MPS is my life”. - Siobhan McTague (SU Vice President of Engagement and Development)